10 Vital Benefits of Training and Tracking Compliance Software

The use of Training and Tracking Compliance software has grown in recent years because more Canadian companies are striving for a Certificate of Recognition (CORTM). It is true that the software improves CORTM audits, but the best thing about this solution is that employees learn how to create a safe work environment and maintain it.

If an organization is still apprehensive about investing in Training and Tracking Compliance software, these ten vital benefits highlight how it positively affects different aspects of the business.

1. Better Worker Safety
Knowing employees are safe at work brings peace-of-mind to management, employees, and employees’ families. An effective training and compliance tracking system creates an environment where everyone works toward safer job sites.

2. Improved Productivity
Software that manages the training and compliance of a new employee expedites the on-boarding process and demonstrates that a company cares about investing in continuous development and safety. All of that means higher employee output, lower absentee rates, and fewer employee errors.

3. Lower Turnover
Lack of engagement is the top reason why employees leave a company. One of the best ways for managers to engage their workforce is through personal training and development, reinforced with recognition for hard work. Training and Tracking Compliance software allows a company to give team members personalized training plans and rewards for successes.

4. Save Money

Digital training does not completely eliminate face-to-face or hands-on training, but it does provide the supplemental curriculum needed to keep an organization sharp and up-to-date with industry standards and regulations. Money is also saved when employees complete some of their training remotely, which is easily done with online software.

5. Save Time
If an organization has not digitized its training and/or compliance tracking systems yet, one of the more immediate benefits is more time for higher impact activities. All of the time that was spent implementing, collecting, scanning, organizing, and analyzing training and compliance (which often equals hundreds of hours a year) can instead be spent prospecting, increasing sales, and strengthening client relationships.

6. Raise Awareness
Compliance software ensures a company touches on all of the important health and safety topics during training and internal audits. This increased awareness is critical in mitigating risks, managing crises, and responding to unforeseen circumstances.

7. Lower Maintenance Costs
A digital compliance tracking system keeps preventative maintenance on-time, which then reduces the risk of larger technical problems, equipment failures, and time wasted addressing those problems.

8. Access Knowledge Instantly
In addition to scheduled employee training sessions, Training and Tracking Compliance software makes it possible for employees to quickly access information. No more flipping through manuals to find a specific step in changing a filter or safely handling a forklift battery; simply search in the software to find relevant instructions, videos, and solutions.

9. Analyze Training Effectiveness
Training and Tracking Compliance software enables managers to identify knowledge gaps in the workforce, find strengths and weaknesses, and analyze the effectiveness of current training practices. Not only does this allow managers to better train employees who need help, but it also means they can fill jobs with the most talented individuals based on evidence.

10. Achieve CORTM
When pursuing a CORTM, compliance software alleviates some of the heavy lifting that is involved in interviews, observations, and audits. Just the presence of Training and Tracking Compliance software demonstrates a company’s com


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