7 Important Things You Should Know About Compliance Software

Manually tracking compliance can be difficult. Compliance software automates the process and makes managing it easier. As you consider purchasing compliance software for your company, keep these seven things in mind.

  1. You can designate applicable laws, regulations, and policies.
  2. If your company operates in multiple jurisdictions, then compliance software can organize and assign training by location, department, and/or employee. This ensures that the correct laws, regulations, and policies are applied to the correct people.

  3. You will reduce non-compliance.
  4. Being compliant with applicable laws, regulations, and policies has several benefits for your company. You will have a safer work environment, better audit results, and fewer corrective actions or fines.

  5. You will improve efficiency and productivity.
  6. Higher compliance means better efficiency for your company. Gallup found that companies with engaged employees and a culture of compliance have 21% higher productivity than companies with a disengaged workforce.

  7. You can hold everyone more accountable.
  8. Since parts of your compliance program can be assigned and delegated, compliance software will hold everyone more accountable. Employees are responsible for their training and tasks, managers must reinforce deadlines and activities, and leaders can see where the company stands against compliance goals at any given time.

  9. You will be nimble for changes in laws, regulations, and policies.
  10. Sometimes, regulatory bodies make changes to current laws, add new guidelines, or replace existing ones. Compliance software makes it easy to prepare for updates because your information is centralized, accessed from anywhere, and able to implement new information immediately.

  11. The auditing process will be simpler.
  12. Undergoing an audit can be time-consuming, stressful, and expensive. By using compliance software throughout the year, you set your company up for a more streamlined and efficient auditing process. Plus, auditors see compliance software as a proactive way you keep the workplace safe and healthy.

  13. You will have the power of data to make smarter business decisions.
  14. Finally, you should know that using compliance software means you will have a large amount of data at your fingertips. With the click of a button, you can evaluate how you are doing with compliance, which areas of the organization need improvement, and who your most compliant employees are.


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