7 Reasons Why Health & Safety Management Software is Critical

In addition to providing a healthy and safe environment for employees, pressure from regulators and the increased threat of lawsuits mean it’s more important than ever for a company to maintain a robust health and safety program. Organizations that fail to adapt and modernize their systems will be left behind, and here are the top seven reasons why.

  1. It Improves the Health and Safety of Employees.
  2. Although laws and regulations are designed to keep all employees safe, it is the job of the company to carry out these health and safety measures. As its name suggests, Health & Safety Management Software is designed to do just that.

    The main ways this software keeps a company healthier and safer include:

    • Tracking and learning from previous incidents.
    • Creating and assigning corrective actions to prevent future incidents.
    • Designing health and safety work plans.
    • Conducting assessments to manage risks and hazards.
    • Conducting better safety checks and audits.
    • Customizing the software to fit the needs of the industry, location, and company.

  3. It Keeps a Company in Compliance.
  4. Compliance with established health and safety guidelines is critical to keeping a company alive, and Health & Safety Management Software allows it to proactively identify areas that need improvement. What’s more, managers make better decisions when they review consistent, detailed reports that are created by the software.

  5. It Saves Time.
  6. Companies continue to add automation to their workflows because it saves them time; or rather, automation gives employees time back to focus on more profitable tasks.

    Health & Safety Management Software helps a company save time through:

    • Data analysis and reporting with the click of a button.
    • The ability to create events, workflows, forms, and checklists digitally.
    • A reduction in the time it takes to train Health & Safety team members.
    • The ability to assign tasks, collate information, and delegate corrective actions.
    • Asset registers that complete inventory processes quickly.

  7. It Saves Money.
  8. Because of the effectiveness and efficiency of Health & Safety Management Software, a company will experience savings immediately.

    There are a variety of ways this software saves a company money, including:

    • Increased productivity, which means people work more efficiently to bring in more revenue.
    • Less money paid in workers’ compensation due to fewer accidents and injuries.
    • Fewer legal fees because there are fewer lawsuits brought on by employees and clients.
    • Fewer fines and fees due to non-compliance.
    • Lower upkeep costs associated with equipment, assets, and inventory because they are kept in better condition.

  9. It Improves a Company’s Reputation.
  10. Regulators and auditors take a company with Health & Safety Management Software more seriously, and so do clients. People want to know that they’re doing business with a company that cares about the well-being of its employees. Efficiency in a Health & Safety program usually means efficiency in other areas of a company, too.

    Plus, employee recruiting and turnover can be extremely costly, so attracting the best talent and keeping them is a huge financial benefit to using Health & Safety Management Software.

  11. It Centralizes Information.
  12. Many companies have multiple locations, which can complicate information gathering and reporting. By having a centralized system for a Health & Safety program, multiple users can make entries, access resources, and pull reports without duplication or errors in the data.

    Online Health & Safety Management Software comes with other benefits as well, such as the ability to access it from any connected device, an abundance of storage space, improved data security, regular updates and maintenance, and integration with other third-party systems (such as SalesForce and Zapier).

  13. It Scales with the Company.
  14. Finally, smart companies not only think about what needs to be done today – they also think about what needs to be done in the future. Health & Safety Management Software is designed to scale with a company, allowing for additional capabilities and customization as the needs arise. It’s a critical long-term investment in employee health and safety that will benefit a company for years to come.


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