BIS course unearths truth about excavator safety

BIS Safety Software now offers a training program designed to reduce losses caused by one of the most dangerous pieces of equipment on the jobsite. Trackhoes, excavators or diggers may be dangerous, but they’re also one of the most widely used pieces of equipment at your disposal. They can be used for demolition, dredging, heavy lifting and digging.

For every potential use the machine has there’s a potential injury or incident that requires prevention. Excavators frequently work in close proximity with pedestrians and workers. Because they are so commonplace, it is easy to forget that their size and versatility make for a dangerous combination. Everyday, lapses in attention cause workers to be struck by moving boom arms, pinned by machines or injured by mechanical failures and breaks in procedure.

Excavator Safety provides an introduction to equipment anatomy, maintenance, inspection, hazard identification and safe operation. Employees will learn how to do a proper pre-shift inspection, identify hazards, do job site assessment, interpret warnings labels, read hand signals, and obey safe operation guidelines.

Employees will learn about:

–           Cave ins

–           Obstacle avoidance

–           Power utility hazards

–           Danger zone clearance

–           Roll overs

Excavator are dangerous, but the risks around the machine can be easily controlled by keeping obstacles and personnel within visual contact and maintaining strict clearance around the machine. Whether operating a machine or signaling an operator to aid with hazard reduction, knowing the machine’s underlying safety principles will help reduce incidents.

BIS Training videos are affordable and accessible. Simple approvals give your crew access to training modules from home or on the job. For nearly a decade, BIS online course development has been providing learning management systems and training records management systems to over 3,000 businesses around North America.

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This course was developed in conjunction with Safety Provisions Inc. as part of the Hard Hat Training Series. The course is I-CAB certified. For more information, contact Dan MacDonald, Managing Director for BIS Safety Software at or (780)-410-1660.


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