BIS: helping employees stay safe in the trenches

A trench cave-in can be a worker’s worst nightmare. Machines can tip, walls can collapse, and underground currents carry deadly gases. Trench workers are 110 per cent more likely to sustain an injury than general labourers. Put the steps in place to help prevent disaster before you even break ground; enroll your employees in a course for trench safety.

Variables like soil cohesiveness, ground pressure, water table boiling and utilities can test even the most experienced worker or supervisor. By learning to calculate weight distribution and pressure, spot sloughing and evaluate job safety, employees will enter a job site with the confidence they need to stay safe and compliant.

A BIS Safety Software Online Learning Management System will help your organization stay on-task and streamline training. Seamlessly incorporate classroom sessions and evaluation with online course development. Company information stays encrypted and accessible from any location with an Internet connection. Join the 3,000 other businesses around North America that have chosen BIS.

Stories of note:

Trench worker buried, saved near Dead Man’s Flat

The online Trench Safety Course was developed by Vivid Learning Systems. The course is I-CAB certified and will help operators stay OHS-compliant with easy-to-access online records.

June 1, 2015 / Blog


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