New Website Is Launched

After a lot of soul searching, careful planning, and intense discussions, BIS Safety Software has launched its new company website. With the entire BIS team reaching unanimous consensus on the need for a new website to better reflect the change in focus from its roots in leadership and management training to the safety industry, the new website was born.

The new company website will make it easier for new and existing clients to quickly find the information they are looking for such as information on The SafetyNET (a network of more than 200 safety training companies from across North America); the training record management feature available through BIStrainer (the Learning Management System developed and supported by BIS Safety Software); online safety courses available for purchase by individuals and through corporate accounts; and online course development services.

BIS Safety Software is looking forward to receiving feedback on its new website in its never-ending effort to better serve its customers.

September 16, 2014 / Blog


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