Company Spotlight: CayCan Safety Consulting Limited

Credibility, Education, and Safety

CayCan Safety Consulting Ltd. is a family business that launched in the Spring of 2000 to provide the commercial transportation industry with compliance consulting and training services. Doug Fulgham, a former heavy-duty mechanic, class 1 driver, dispatcher, and commercial vehicle enforcement officer, was the original founder, and former owner of CayCan. Given the opportunity to consult with a company in the Cayman Islands to increase their road safety, Doug used this experience to develop the company name CayCan. Over the last 21 years, they have grown into a commercial compliance company that provides online and classroom training courses and audit services. Their primary line of work is conducting compliance audits on behalf of the government to ensure that motor carriers in Alberta are complying with applicable legislation.
While commercial vehicles are typically viewed as semi-trucks or other large vehicles, that is not entirely accurate. A commercial vehicle is any vehicle over 4500 kgs or that can hold over 10 passengers or is used for commercial purposes. There are many commercial vehicles being operated by businesses and trades who use the vehicle as a means to conduct their primary job. Owing to this ambiguity, commercial drivers may lose focus on what compliance is required and this can endanger lives. CayCan is dedicated to eliminating the uncertainty of commercial driving legislation and making the roads safer, one driver at a time. Credibility, education, and safety are the core values of CayCan. They strive to create lasting relationships with their clients by providing them with top quality training to keep commercial drivers and every citizen that shares the road with them safe.

CayCan believes their level of service and diverse background is what makes them unique in their industry. Doug has seen everything from a variety of industries and the new owner, Kris Fulgham is knowledgeable in commercial compliance. Doug and Kris bring years of practical experience which has given them both a “real-world view of compliance” in Alberta. With this unique foundation, CayCan is able to serve their clients with high-quality training and compliance services.
CayCan is dedicated to making the roads safer. They will go above and beyond to satisfy all client needs. Each decision they make is with driver safety in their minds, which has enabled them to be a leader in safety compliance. As one of the first transportation compliance companies to transition to online training in the early 2000s, CayCan was able to create the robust online offerings they have now. Today, CayCan offers more than 10 different online training programs— all of which are specifically tailored to the needs of their transport industry clients. (link course here that is theirs). ComplianceBox is software that they have created to assist in completing comprehensive pre-trip inspections. This software provides a robust digital form that allows the driver to see exactly what they need to inspect and lists all the potential defects. The software also automatically calculates risks, which allows the driver to make an informed decision about whether it is safe to operate the vehicle. By utilizing these innovative compliance programs, CayCan makes safety and compliance easy.

Eliminating the ambiguity of the legislation and ensuring people understand what is required on the road is the most important part of commercial driver compliance. Owner, Kris Fulgham, explained that “many times, our customers say, “I did not know” or “I was told by someone else” and that’s where the discrepancy is.” All their responses to questions or uncertainty will relate directly back to the legislation as it applies, they do not take a subjective approach to education.

“We make the world a safer place by getting rid of the ambiguity of the legislation.” -Kris Fulgham, Owner of CayCan

For promoting safety to clients and employees, Kris discussed the importance of “living safety” in the sense that everything about their organization needs to relate back to safety. As an example of practicing what they preach, a pre-trip inspection is required for every single commercial vehicle before it is utilized, so Kris personally makes sure that every single vehicle they own and operate is properly inspected before it is put into use, “I can’t expect others to follow the things that I am not willing to do.” This top-down approach ensures that safety is demonstrated to the highest level and is always at the forefront of any task.

As the younger generation comes into the workforce, new mindsets and attitudes are introduced as well. Kris was asked if he had advice for the new generation and he stated, “your ideas and your thoughts about how things can change are great, never let go of them. But affecting change is very difficult and time-consuming. So do not give up on your values on what can improve but realize it might take some time to affect change.”
CayCan provides a variety of services to train, measure, and support the transportation industry. Ensuring your fleet meets every transportation compliance requirement is important. Non-compliance can lead to lost contracts, higher insurance costs and losing your legal authority to operate commercial vehicles. Having a certified transportation safety consultant, that holds years of direct experience with regulations, will ensure you are compliant. Their innovative online training services and expertise in compliance audits have allowed them to become the top choice for commercial vehicle safety services in Alberta.

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