Company Spotlight: D.B Safety Solutions

Making Training Fun Through Passion and Creativity!

D.B. Safety Solutions Inc. is a training consulting and service provider in Regina, Saskatchewan that produces industrial safety leadership training for organizations. Don Beahm, owner, and operator is a Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) and Certified Health and Safety Consultant (CHSC) and understands that front-line leadership is essential for production, safety, and quality. After spending 32 years in the utilities industry as a journeyman power lineman and management roles, Don turned towards the delivery of classroom-based safety leadership training. Owing to his years of experience in the field, Don guided this classroom training business to incredible heights until the COVID-19 pandemic forced a full business transition. Don explained that when the lockdowns were mandated, his classroom offerings, which focused on group activities were canceled and his business approach was practically decimated overnight; however, Don did not let this change consume his business, he adjusted his approach and decided to develop new online courses to expand his business offerings globally and adapt to the growing demand for virtual training.

What sets Don apart from the industry is his approach to training. Instead of creating basic training courses, he creates a story with his cartoon family from the fictional company “Pablo Industries.” The first step in his typical 3-month process is to create the script that aligns with the subject matter, then he makes the cartoons and layers on the vocals of his family and friends to create his cohesive training series. These characters in the fictional company represent different scenarios and are sprinkled throughout the course and used where they are needed. Most of these courses will be accompanied by a course manual, as well as a booklet of character profiles for all the characters at Pablo Industries. One example is his first creation, “Billy Baddess,” the character who creates many of the problems within the organization from improper inspections to PPE infractions. Billy is just one of the many characters that appear throughout the training series and all these characters contribute to delivering training in a fun, interactive way.

“I try to make training fun!” Don Beahm, Owner and Operator

Don explained that if you have been in the industry, most of the time you can relate to at least one of the stories because they happen all the time. Don also explains that the characters are in every company, so it is easy to relate to a situation and/or a person and relate to the training in that way. “Rather than giving you the information, I put the information in a story…” Our brains are well versed in learning through stories, and by delivering information via storytelling, we can immerse ourselves in the subject matter and learn without even knowing it.

D.B. Safety Solutions makes the world a safer place by capturing the imaginations of audiences who immerse themselves in safety best practices. Not satisfied with simply educating audiences, Don views his work as a way to improve the moral fabric of each participant. He tries to teach leaders that it is about doing what is right. “Leadership is about being positive, being assertive, doing what you must do when you do not want to do it.” Under this mindset, coaching and mentoring are the cornerstones of good leadership.
By getting people to do the right thing without relying on discipline, every participant can improve their leadership qualities. With over 45 years of industry experience, Don has seen both great and poor leaders and the devastating effects that bad safety culture has on families, coworkers, and companies. The ultimate goal of his training is to create a culture of safety within organizations, so employees and supervisors want to follow rules and foster a positive work environment.

When Don was asked what advice, he would give to the younger generation coming into the industry he explained the importance of being educated when joining a new job. “Be productive, you were hired to work diligently and safely,” Don explains that you should challenge leaders to make all team members better, and safer, at the end of the day. Further, new hires should always seek guidance from an experienced, positive-minded mentor in the workplace that can help you to make an impact on the entire organization.
D.B. Safety Solutions’ proactive, innovative approach to leadership training has allowed him to be successful even through these unprecedented times. By adapting to the changing world and keeping his values of fun and safety at the forefront of his approach, Don has been able to continue providing top-quality leadership training to a global audience.


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