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Start Today - Save a Life Tomorrow

Rescue 7 is an Ontario-based national health and safety training, compliance, and program management company. Founder John Collie was originally a firefighter with Toronto Fire Services. Upon reflecting on his time responding to emergencies, he realized that the bystanders or the individuals at the scene were not confident in their ability to help. Taking initiative, John created a health and safety training company to help others understand how to respond to any emergency. Over the years Rescue 7 developed from a first aid company In Markham, Ontario to providing Canada-wide health and safety services for large clients such as Loblaws, Canada Post, Walmart Canada, among others. Rescue 7 has branched into providing niche products like AED’s and evacuation chairs, and other products that not everyone has access to. Their mission is to empower organizations with the knowledge needed to keep everyone safe.

Rescue 7 believes that their instructors separate them from the competition. Their instructors hold vast experience as first responders, with many years spent as firefighters, paramedics, and nurses. This allows them to teach from their experiences in the real world instead of just giving you the facts. Anyone can show a video to students and hope they learn it, but the instructors at Rescue 7 draw upon their own experiences to walk learners through the do’s and don’ts of emergencies. Rescue 7 goes a step further in safety training by tailoring the subject matter specifically for the audience. For example, they use real-life case studies of emergencies and injuries commonly occurring in warehouses to build learning scenarios for individuals that will be working in this setting. Instead of providing a general overview, these site-specific scenarios provide relevant, long-lasting information.
Not only does the team at Rescue 7 instruct health and safety courses, but they also live and breathe safety. The Rescue 7 team continually reviews their emergency scenarios and always looks for new ways to improve their content because, at the end of the day, this information saves lives. When promoting safety within the organization, the team makes a point of reaching out to every instructor monthly for reviews and feedback on their content. For promoting safety to their clients, however, the instructors lead by example. In the current climate, there are strict COVID-19 guidelines that are different in every province. Rescue 7 requires a confirmation letter on guidelines and then ensures every single person is following them during the course. Through constructive feedback and leading by example, this is how the team at Rescue 7 “lives and breathes” safety.

This culture of safety is another reason for their success. Rescue 7 is a privately owned company and they do not market themselves. It is by word of mouth that people have heard about their instructors and has brought them business, and their clientele continually come back. Their passion for safety bleeds through to their clients, who trust Rescue 7 to keep their employees safe.

As times change, and the ways information can be shared continually advances, Rescue 7 has adapted to the new possibilities offered by technology. Rescue 7 was one of the first companies in Ontario to get approved for online training. Michele McCabe, General Manager of Rescue 7, explains that eLearning as a Federal and Provincial approved training option has been a game changer for their company. It allows Rescue 7 with a means to deliver their content to a much wider audience and opens doors to new scenarios they can use to spread safety knowledge.

“Safety is everyone’s priority. Everyone wants to go home and to their families at the end of the day. People look at safety protocols and training as a nuisance but take safety seriously.”
-Michele McCabe, General Manager

With proper first aid training, preparedness, and equipment, both you and your organization can be confident when tackling an emergency. Learning how to respond and having your organization be prepared to do so can be the difference between life and death. Rescue 7’s approach to safety with top quality instructors and an innovative, and engaging, delivery method has allowed them to become a nationally acclaimed training provider. Rescue 7 makes it possible for everyone to give the gift of life in emergency situations.


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