Company Spotlight: Weinrich Contracting Ltd.

Company Spotlight: Weinrich Contracting Ltd.

Weinrich Contracting Ltd. (WCL) is a leader in heavy equipment contracting across several industries in Alberta but specializes in earthmoving, general contracting, industrial site preparation and roadway construction. Founded in 1978, WCL flourished into a company with over 150 employees and an extensive fleet of equipment and vehicles.

WCL has made it a priority to protect the health and safety of their people and the public, as well as the environment and their assets. As their vision statement explains, “we strive to be a leader in heavy construction services and to support the growth of infrastructure in Alberta. Our vision is to perform to a level that exceeds our clients’ expectations every time we take on a project while promoting a sustainable, safe work environment for all involved.” WCL works to eliminate unsafe conditions and achieve a goal of zero-loss through the implementation of a strong health and safety culture.

Road construction is a notoriously difficult industry to navigate due to its seasonal nature, especially in Alberta, Canada; and Weinrich Contracting takes pride in their ability to keep up with the demands of such a seasonal industry.


    “We strive to be a leader in heavy construction services and to support the growth of infrastructure in Alberta.”

    -Kimberly Baker, CRSP, Health and Safety Manager


WCL is consistently able to provide accessible, digital health and safety orientations as well as job-specific safety training for workers, contractors, and visitors. Not only does this demonstrate their level of care for their employees, but it assists in fostering safe work environments. WCL holds up their onboarding orientation as a unique point of pride that has differentiated them from others in the road construction industry, and they plan to continually develop and improve their program every year.

Weinrich Contracting Ltd. makes every effort to promote and maintain a world class working environment with emphasis on employees making it home safely every day. WCL’s care for their employees and the environment is what allows them to be successful.


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