3 Ways Equipment Management Software Can Help Streamline Work

Online Equipment Management Software

Outside of people, your equipment and machines are likely your most valuable assets. As computers and the internet continue to integrate into all industries including construction, transportation, oil & gas, there are increasingly effective and efficient ways to manage your equipment and assets. One of the most important changes you can make in your business is to upgrade from excel spreadsheets, paper forms, and documents to an online option for equipment management. Here are three ways an online equipment inventory management system can benefit your business.

1. They Allow Automation that Streamlines your Company’s Equipment Management

With an asset management system you can set automatic digital forms to go out to workers, managers, and office staff who need to keep up to date on equipment status and location. If your team does a daily inspection before using a piece of equipment you can set that inspection form to appear automatically in the relevant worker’s account each morning at the start of their shift.

Automation of inspection forms, maintenance reminders, location updates, mileage, incidents, and so much more will help your team cut down on the time they spend doing these tasks manually and will help your business run more smoothly. Any good equipment & asset management software will allow you to automate the majority of the forms and paperwork your team is doing manually.

2. Cloud Storage Gives Access to Equipment Information Anywhere & Anytime

The right equipment management system will be completely cloud based rather than stored on an individual workers computer or mobile device.

Many companies still rely on Excel to track and keep records of their assets & equipment. While this was once the most advanced and efficient way to do it, the problem is too often these Excel documents sit on one worker’s computer and are not available to anyone in the company to access at any given time. What is worse is that there are often many duplicate files and it can be extremely confusing to keep up to date on which one has the most current and correct information.

With a cloud based asset management system anyone in the company with appropriate permissions can access the status, maintenance records, location, and so much more for any piece of equipment you own. It also prevents data from being lost if a local server is corrupted or has a hardware malfunction.

3. They can Help make Regular Equipment Maintenance Easier

The best way to keep your expensive equipment from breaking down or being out of commision is with regular scheduled maintenance. A good online equipment management system will allow you to schedule regular maintenance and make tracking past maintenance unbelievably simple. You should never have to turn down a project because the equipment you need has not been properly maintained. Using online asset management software will help prevent maintenance lapses and you won’t need to rely on your team to remember to do maintenance or check a physical maintenance calendar because you will be able to schedule automatic alerts whenever maintenance is due.

Your assets and equipment are extremely valuable to your business. Start utilizing the most modern management systems to help your team automate, stay up to date no matter where they are, and maintain your equipment so you never lose out on a job.

The team at BIS would be happy to schedule a demo of the BIStrainer equipment management system to give you a personalized look into how the proper equipment management system can save you countless time and money!


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