Safety Begins With Leadership

The most important element in any safety program is leadership. The Alberta Municipal Health and Safety Association’s course in Leadership for Safety Excellence can help management at any level of an organization adapt their vision and safety culture to improve a company’s performance.

Leadership is about more than simple workplace procedure. In order to create a safety culture through leadership, employers must be able to demonstrate credibility and instill integrity in employees. By becoming accountable for safety performance and organizational goals, they build transformational leadership tactics and boost employee loyalty and morale. Having confidence in a leader translates into better feedback and understanding amongst employees as to why things are done the way they’re done.

Employers are required by OHS regulations to provide workers with a safe and secure workplace. Successful managers know that balancing quality and safety is the key to success on any project. Good safety systems increase production, decrease costs, and ensure the health and safety of workers. AMHSA’s course in Leadership for Safety Excellence teaches managers how to maintain and promote that balance throughout their organization’s internal policies.

The Leadership in Safety online course will help managers develop the skills they need to influence measurable safety goals. They will receive coaching on how to establish their own leadership role in a way that emphasizes safety as a critical responsibility throughout their organization.

Managers will learn to:

  • Recognize hazards
  • Implement policies and procedures to address hazards
  • Ensure employees have the tools, materials and know-how to work safely
  • Implement monitoring to correct deficiencies and support safety culture
  • Plan pre-job and toolbox meetings
  • Establish emergency response plans

BIS Safety Software in partnership with the SafetyNET, a network of more than 300 leading safety training companies in Canada, offers a variety of online safety training courses to address any safety requirement. Encryption protects company information on any device and courses are scalable to mobile platforms for access from the office or job site. Join the over 3,000 businesses around North America that have found success and efficiency through BIS online training and employee records management.

Leadership for Safety Excellence was developed by the Alberta Municipal Health and Safety Association and was promoted by BIS Safety Software across the SafetyNET to help managers shape corporate culture at any level.


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