Ground Disturbance Course – Know the risks and regulations before digging

Any time a project breaks ground, workers are at risk. Buried facilities, pipelines, safety zones—any number of hazards can be hidden just beneath the surface, and for every hazard, there are industry practices and regulations that workers need to know. A ASTEC Safety course in ground disturbance will keep employees compliant, safe and help organizations avoid the steep fines that come with ignoring procedure.

Before digging, it’s important that workers know local ground disturbance regulations, the penalties for ignoring procedure and the responsibilities for each party involved in a job. This ASTEC Safety course will help them learn the various approvals, permit types, agreements, and plans necessary to do the job properly and in compliance with National Energy Board regulations.

Upon completion, trainees should be able to:

  • Identify and define ground disturbances
  • Describe the hazards of a ground disturbance
  • Decide what permits and agreements are required to break ground
  • Describe how to locate and identify underground facilities
  • Describe regulations associated with ground disturbance
  • Describe the responsibilities for owners and ground disturbers
  • Describe safety requirements

A BIS Learning Management System and online training programs provide workers with OHS-compliant training, on-site training for employees in any industry. Courses are scalable to mobile devices and can provide course material for group sessions or individual learning. With the click of a mouse, create and manage courses, complete with automatically delivered email notifications.

ASTEC Safety’s Ground Disturbance Course was developed in alignment with industry best practices and is endorsed by the Alberta Common Ground Alliance (ABCGA)

For more information, contact Dan MacDonald, Managing Director for BIS Safety Software.

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