eLearning Management System: Competency Validation

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Tracking Competency is a Critical Part of Safety

In any business, whether you work in Oil & Gas, Construction, Transportation, or Mining, you need to keep your entire team safe. One of the best ways to do that is with proper training, but one easily forgotten part of training is ensuring the person actually retained the training and is now competent in the skill they learned.

It is critical to test each employee’s competency whenever they complete training. Imagine if you could simply read up on driving and the province or state would just give you a drivers license! Taking the training on a forklift, first aid, or any other safety skill is easy, but proving you can actually use the newly developed skill is another matter, and one that is even more important than simply going through the motions and doing the training.

That is why BIS Safety Software (BIS) is launching a competency validation tracking system to be integrated with its existing eLearning management technology. This new competency validation tool will make it possible for companies to create thousands of different forms to allow for easy digital recording and tracking of competencies for any task or piece of equipment for any employee in any country. This new system will centrally manage competency globally through one online cloud-based application.
Validation forms can be assigned to any individual and be set for self-completion by that individual or by a 3rd party depending on the task, equipment, or other competency being validated. The system will integrate this completed form within the existing training record management system to allow it to be tied to any specific training (online, in class, or on site).

So don’t leave the safety of your team up to training alone, make sure they also have the competency that will allow them to use their safety skills!


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