BIS Safety Software offering PDIC Online Training with Fleet Safety International

 Keeping Alberta’s roads safe, one driver at a time.

BIS Safety Software in partnership with Fleet Safety International is now offering an PDIC Condensed Defensive Driving online training course designed to keep commercial drivers, and your loads safe while on the road. In this course, truckers will master the art of defensive driving theory and learn about the resources at their disposal to stay compliant and safe, wherever they are driving.

Drivers will learn to:
Establish acceptable standards of safety
Avoid collisions
Scan for hazards
Increase situational awareness
Drive more safely
Control skids

The SAFER (space, attitude, foresight, eyesight and responsibility) system forms the foundation of Fleet Safety’s Condensed Defensive Driving Program and teaches workers that professional driver improvement is about developing a responsible attitude towards vehicle operation. By the end of the one-day, online course, drivers will be empowered to avoid collisions, regardless of fault, and scan for hazards to cushion their reaction/perception time and avoid incidents.

Learn more about our new Driver Management System, an easy-to-use, point-and-click system that lets you to track drivers’ compliance and manage fleet information.

BIS training is accessible, affordable and will scale to mobile platforms for remote job-site access. Your company’s data is encrypted, protecting sensitive information and giving you complete access to a full and up-to-date database of your employees’ compliance levels and training needs. BIS provides business solutions to over 3,000 businesses around North America. For just a moment of your time, we can save you money.

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This course was developed by Fleet Safety International and produced in conjunction with Drive SAFER and Change the World. For more information, contact Dr. Randy Flemmer, Managing Director for Fleet Safety International.


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