Developed a new online training course on skid-steer loader with Safety Provisions

Skid-steer: versatile tool, ever-present hazard

Few pieces of equipment on a job site are more frequently called upon than the skid-steer. Track loader, multi-terrain loader, whatever name you know it by, the skid-steer has helped many individuals in a jam when no other loader could reach the problem. But it is precisely these closed quarters and frequent use that make the skid-steer so dangerous. A moment of inattention can add up to a lifetime of regret without the proper training.

BIS Safety Software in partnership with Safety Provisions has developed the Hard Hat course on Skid Steer Loader operation and safety into an eLearning program. This online theory training program combined with onsite practical hands-on training and competency validation will keep employees OHS-compliant and record that training record for easy access in the field. The course provides employees with an introduction to equipment, machine anatomy, inspection, maintenance, safe operation, hazards, basic skills, and more.

Drivers will learn to:

Recognize hazards
Understand Canadian Standards Association warnings and labels
Maintain equipment
Calculate load and equipment capacity
Safely enter and exit the machine

A BIS Safety Software Online Learning Management System will help your organization stay on-task and streamline training. Seamlessly incorporate classroom sessions and evaluation with online course development. Company information stays encrypted and accessible from any Internet-connected site. Join the 3,000 other businesses around North America that have chosen BIS to help with their training and records management.

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BIS Skid-Steer Loader Course is I-CAB recognized and will help your workers stay OHS compliant


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