Company Spotlight – Principle Safety

Safety is a Matter of Principle

Principle Safety started in 2009 primarily offering First Aid. Today, this company walks alongside their clients to design a safety management system that suits their every need. Not stopping there, Principle Safety also provides hands on training in fire extinguisher use, lock-out tagout procedures, emergency responses, and much more.
In addition to the long list of services already mentioned, Principle Safety also provides health and safety auditing services. With both internal and external COR Auditors for a variety of certifying partners, Principle Safety executes complex audits across multiple locations. Their administration team manages client pre-qualification sites by uploading and downloading information, assisting in the research and development of emergency response drills, and planning employee health and safety meetings.

But aside from all the services Principle offers, what really makes them distinct is their ability to build and foster relationships. The team at Principle Safety takes on their client’s issues as their own and uses all available resources to provide a solution. Combining their communication with their expertise enables them to guide their clients towards making the right decisions.
This focus on communication is a driving force for promoting health and safety within any client worksite. While in-person communication is less practical today due to COVID-19, Principle Safety used their creativity to maintain connections with their clients and their worksite safety needs. Taking advantage of technology, they established video conferencing for toolbox meetings and created digital checklists to ensure everyone remains close while being separated.
Christl Aggus describes the culture at Principle Safety as “collaborative and empowering” and everyone on the team “talks to each other, thinks out loud, and shares their experiences.” This collaborative and empowering culture helps everyone spread the message about safety and how to work in a safe manner.

“When you achieve both collaboration and empowerment, you have an environment where people want to work.” -Christl Aggus, Founder and Management Consultant

For the younger generation leaving school and entering the workforce, some may find it difficult adapting to this new way of life. Christl advises younger individuals to, “learn everything they can and to be proactive. Don’t wait around – find what excites you and strive to be the best at it.
Principle Safety aims to connect certification and online awareness while simultaneously developing customized training for specific industry requirements. Their goal is to illuminate, educate, and empower employees to know more about safety. By combining their communication skills and experience, they can provide the best solution for your industry. Above all else, Principle Safety strives to work with your company, increase your reputation and industry presence, and to keep your employees safe.


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