Company Spotlight: SAT Consulting and Construction

SAT Consulting and Construction (SATCC) is an Edmonton-based project management and consulting company. They opened their doors in 2006 initially to provide interior demolition and repair; however, they have expanded their service offerings to project management, general contracting, and design-build. Although SATCC is based in Edmonton, they also serve the markets of Saskatchewan and British Columbia, and Washington State. Working with some of Canada’s largest clients, they have gained the experience and expertise to complete projects to the highest standard while staying on budget.

SAT prides themselves on their people, they strive to be the best in their industry. They employ a large diverse team that possesses high-quality leadership skills and attitudes. They believe their staff is their lifeline, and the mutual respect amongst their team is what allows them to foster a great workplace and continually raise the bar and challenge themselves to grow. Apart from growing their own team, SAT is committed to building strong relationships from every interaction, and continually showing both their employees and customers the appreciation they deserve.

Aside from their business relationships, SAT endeavours to positively impact the community by continuously sponsoring Education Programs, local sports teams such as men’s and women’s soccer, youth hockey, lacrosse and Volleyball. Every year, the SAT team donates to the community and their volunteers deliver time by provide warmth for the homeless and frequently volunteer at the soup kitchen. In 2020, SAT was awarded the contract for asbestos cleaning to over 18 Schools under the IPD project format, and they are excited about the work and take great pride in making schools a safer place for students and educators.

“We strive to be the best in our industry, but our slogan is that teamwork makes the dream work.” -Jeniffer Gatza, Head of Safety in Office and Operations

Along with community building and participation, safety is one of SATCC’s strongest values. To them, safety is “so much more than having a daily morning meeting or ticking a box on a checklist”. They ensure every member of their team is professionally trained and adheres to industry standards to create the safest work environment they can.

SATCC was responsible for the interior demolition and drywalling during the renovation of this iconic Edmonton building.

Jeniffer Gatza, SAT’s Head of Safety in Office and Operations, explained that they try and provide their workers with an abundance of support, whether that be in the form of Personal Protective Equipment, training to advance their careers or frequent meetings to provide the highest level of safety communication. Over countless projects, SAT takes immense pride in completing jobs on time and budget, and most importantly, without any incidents. They currently maintain a zero-accident track record and according to Jeniffer, they have “every intention of keeping it that way”. SAT is committed to the safety of every individual involved in their projects; it is their goal to ensure every person on their job sites makes it home safe each day.

By staying true to their values and creating a strong culture within their organization, SAT has been extremely successful. They recently won the 2021 Consumer’s Choice award for Business Excellence and while their core values are about safety, innovation, and sustainability, their dedication to people and cultivating a team of exceptional people is what helps them be the most successful. Thank you for providing great and safe service!


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