Company Spotlight: SITE Resource Group

Safety, Integrity, Teamwork, and Execution

Since 2010, SITE Resource Group has been at the top of their field for project solutions and provider of integrated services, such as slashing and clearing, steelwork, ice-road building, and many others in between. SITE’s mission is to provide a value-added contribution to all stakeholders in the heavy construction sector while simultaneously delivering the safest products and services possible.
This mission has been made possible by their 4 core values: Safety/Environment, Integrity, Teamwork, and Execution and continually improving their business practices. The extensive, local, knowledge, and positive relationships SITE foster along with more than 1,200 pieces of equipment, and a team of qualified professionals allows them to meet and exceed their client’s expectations. According to Ken Davies, Health. Safety, and Environmental Manager, “we may not be the absolute best at everything we do, but for our size and the type of industries we operate in, we will out-perform our peers and competitors.”

What makes SITE Resource Group unique is the depth of their service and approach to leadership. By fostering a “team management” environment where the executives are involved in everything and there is effective communication between all divisions, SITE has been able to diversify their services while still providing specialized services. SITE’s President and CEO holds everyone in the organization personally accountable for adhering to the policies and procedures. Davies explained that in management it can sometimes become “easy to be siloed” into your division, however, at the end of the day every one of the leadership teams from different operating names and divisions is talking about the improvement of the company and what they are looking forward to.

“Training, communication, and relationships are critical to instilling a safety culture and you cannot have one without the other. They are all important!”  
-Ken Davies, Health, Safety, and Environment Manager

Further driving SITE’s success is their commitment to their work, which is showcased by their Challenge Point initiative. SITE provides new employees with a 4-ounce branded coin after they complete a presentation and training program. This unique coin is inscribed with SITE’s core values: teamwork, execution, sustainable resources, safety, and environment. Work Commitment is inscribed on the reverse side which reminds employees to go the extra mile and work together. This program is a tactile reminder for every employee about what the workplace culture SITE strives to be known for.

Employee Safety

Above all, the leadership team at SITE is most proud of their people that continue to drive their success. Regardless of the difficulty, their people are ready to take on any job. This confidence to tackle any task is further strengthened by SITE’s culture of safety and communication. Every person on their job site is their first consideration in the morning, and at the end of the day.
To keep their employees safe, SITE Resource Group practices many different safety initiatives such as daily toolbox meetings as well as task-specific hazard assessments to focus on the hazards per task and ensure safety for employees. Other safety initiatives include weekly safety meetings on a specific topic and behavior-based identifications which both allow for safety to be at the forefront of employee’s minds. These initiatives are made simple by using digitized competency forms, behavior-based actions, in-depth inspections and are looking into asset management for preventative maintenance in the future. By having a vast variety of safety practices, SITE can instill a strong safety culture and keep all individuals in the organization safe to return to their families every day.

Not only satisfied with their own people, SITE is also driven towards environmental sustainability and developing bonds with local communities. With environmental sustainability as a key value for SITE, they are proud to take progressive action wherever possible with waste reduction, green supplier sourcing, and advancing internal practices with environmental innovations. Alongside their commitment to sustaining the environment, SITE is known for their community engagement, such as sponsoring local hockey teams or conducting snow shoveling fundraisers. Communities are built by the people within them, and the team at SITE takes pride in helping those individuals achieve their career goals.
SITE Resource Group has proven to be a well-rounded company that works hard to provide great service and products while taking care of the environment and their people. They realize that it’s not just a list of services they deliver, they are known for investing in local people and partnerships to ensure the projects have a greater impact than just the sites or structures they build.

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