Company Spotlight: Wheels On Ltd.

No Gimmicks or Games, Just Safety

Wheels On Ltd. is a comprehensive safety and vehicle training business located in Red Deer, Alberta. The late Jim Moore had founded Wheels On Ltd. in 2002 after recognizing the need and importance of high-quality training in Central Alberta. Starting small, they began with Class 1 and Class 3 driver training with evaluations, but soon after, present owner Casey Benton fueled their team intending to provide all-encompassing safety training courses to Alberta.
Wheels On Ltd. originally offered only four courses, but they were popular among clients who wanted more from Casey’s team. Now, Wheels On Ltd. is viewed as a “one-stop-shop” by many industrial sectors of Alberta for all their training needs. They further expanded by acquiring “CBA Workplace Safety” in Olds, Alberta, which has allowed them to specialize in a broad scope of health, workplace safety, and driver training in Central Alberta. Today, Wheels On Ltd. has expanded exponentially and offers over 20 classroom courses and 120 online courses, covering every safety training topic needed by Albertans.

Their success in the field of safety training is directly tied to their team. Wheels On Ltd. instructors have lived the materials they are teaching, and do not simply provide facts to their audience. By using real-life stories, they can ensure their content stays with the audience well after the course is finished. Casey noted that “we have very good people that show true dedication to training and understand that it isn’t all about the money.” At the end of the day, they focus less on the dollars and cents, but more so on educating people to be safe. Making every worksite a safer place is one of the main objectives Casey strives for, but this is only achievable through practical training. Casey estimated that “75% of people learn better when they can be hands-on,” so Wheels On Ltd. always looks to include practical training whenever they can.

“We have very good people that show true dedication to training and understand that it isn’t all about the money.”
-Casey Benton, Owner

Selling their message of safety to their staff has been incredibly easy. According to Casey, the buy-in has been great from their team because they are passionate about safety and sharing information that could potentially save lives. The Wheels On Ltd. team relies on using good communication to ensure their knowledge is incorporated into your business. By opening routine dialogue regarding safety, it becomes a regular part of the job.

Wheels On Ltd. believes safety training is a serious commitment and must be done the right way. Not all clients feel the same, and some have even wanted to bypass the training altogether. By not abandoning their principles, Casey and his team use their company-wide dedication to safety to ensure their clients, and their employees, do the right thing. If clients are unwilling to be safe, the Wheels On team has no problem saying no. As Casey explains, “we offer the training to give something to the employees, not just to pay the bills.” This willingness to stand their ground has proven to Alberta clients that they can trust Wheels On Ltd. to keep their employees safe.
Safety training has evolved a lot over the years, and Casey tells the younger generation coming into the workforce to “not be afraid to ask questions, there truly is no such thing as a dumb question. If you do not understand what you’re doing, take a breath, stop, and think about your safety. By seeking advice, you can transform this experience into a learning opportunity.” He explained that he believes his whole purpose in life is to wake up every day and make sure people are safe.

Wheels On Ltd.’s dedication to developing and promoting safety in the workplace has won over clients across Alberta. Through strong communication with clients, dedication to safety, and a diverse library of training courses all in one place, Wheels On Ltd. has been able to provide long lasting lessons to employees across many walks of life.

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